Finished Scale Platform

Yesterday, I shared my creation of a platform to weigh my trike. Here is a collage of the scale skeleton with a section of runner [from Lowes] on it. I have also modified the scale for my use.

Trike Scale Platform [finished]

scale03I removed the pole that connect the scale head to the scale and I put a plug in the wire that connect the head to the scale. The platform rest on the scale. I’ve devised a special stand, using my pre-faired Velokraft VK2 wheel. I’m hoping to have one side of the wheel flattened. My wrench [LBS lead mechanic] is off today. So, I have to wait until tomorrow to know that it can be done and to place the scale head on it. You may note this scale can be used to compute the price of good by weight. I do not need that functionality. However, the price was more reasonable than one without for its capacity [130 pounds]. I may mask it later or just ignore it.

I’ll try to get a picture of Silk on the scale later today. It’s rainy and over casted today. Again, I’m please with this project. Particularly, the fact that the platform will be used to secure my trike in my van for transport.

Here she is–shot a bit tight becausof lighting and rain.

Silk on the Scale