A new scale platform

A few weeks ago, I was asked how much does Silk weigh [with all the gear on board]? At the time, I was still modifying my setup. Yesterday, I tried to weigh her using the method I had previously used. I discovered I was getting an error that was caused by exceeding the scale’s 55 pound capacity. What to do?

I began looking for a hanging scale with a higher capacity. I found a few–mostly for game. None were available locally. I found a platform scale at Harbor Freight here in Fayetteville. Overnight, I debated using another hanging scale versus a platform scale. I decided on the platform scale and then began to brainstorm how I might configure it. If you recall, I have a platform scale for weighing my RANS Stratus XP [scroll down to Scale]. I’d love to be able to use it; but, I cannot because of the trike’s width [27″ or so]. This morning, I went to Lowes to see what I might find that might work…

Looked for a sheet of plywood/particle board–too much work to setup. Found several other boards–either too long or not wide enough [needed 30″ width]. The best I saw was a smooth door, but longer than I wanted [80″]. Then I found a vinyl 24×48″ table. Can I make this work?  YES! [I also saw a 72×30″ table–larger than I wanted.]

I added a 30″ wide shelf [left over from other shelving projects]. Placed the trike on it. Okay, but could be better. Hey, I have not used my Yakima Rack in years. Hum?  I removed the wheel welds an fitted them on–voila! This is GOOD!!! I then refined to location for the best trike fit; placed a wheel stop; and added a tie down bar. The functional utility of this platform is that I can also use it in my van to better and more easily secure the trike as I transport it. The tie-down bar and rear wheel stop facilitate this.

At this point, I took a few pictures [collage below].

Trike Scale

This is now the skeleton of a weighing platform–back to Lowes. I purchased a section of runner [charcoal grey] that will cover the top and give it a finished look. I’ve completed that, but will not take pictures until tomorrow. I am very please with the outcome of this project.

I also picked up the scale today and will set it up later tonight–pictures tomorrow. BTW, I’m glad I did not get the larger table–to think I considered exchanging the smaller on for a larger–luv my ClosetMaid Shelving.