Picked up my Campangnolo wheel

Received a call Saturday, 12/14 that my Campy wheel [in to my LBS for bearing replacement] is ready for pickup. I did not pick it up until Tuesday, 12/16. In discussion with my wrench on the 700c tire to use in a trailer capacity, he recommends a 25mm versus 23mm for the trike and trailer–more comfortable ride and  lower rolling resistance acheived with a lower tire pressure [as my wrench a says of Sheldon Brown].  At this point, I willing to try a 25c tire to see how it compares with a 23c. I expect I enjoy a less jarring ride on the trike. Given that my Schwalbe Stelvio order needs to be [11646950 25-622 700x25c RaceGuard Black-Skin Dual].