Today’s VK2 Pics

Here she is:

VK2 Collage

If I’m able to make the trip to Georgia to ride the Silver Comet Trail, I plan to take my VK2 as she is above.

Other VK2 pictures:

Minor change in the single-wheel trailer setup

In my February 6th post I said:

Should I go ahead with this trailer, I’ll use the Spinergy front wheel from my Trek 5200 and add carbon fiber wheel covers from Garrie Hill [who made to covers for Silk].

I am going to use a different wheel [a 700c, with a Campagnolo hub]. Actually, the wheel is the one the Spinergy wheel replaced several years ago. It is slightly lighter and using it will save me having to replace the Spinergy on my 5200. I’ll still have Garrie do the carbon fiber wheel covers for me. The tire that matches my trike’s 700c is the Schwalbe Stevio HS-376 [700x23c ~ 11646550]. This is the tire I plan to use on the Extrawheel Voyager Trailer.

Took the wheel the wheel in to my LBS to be serviced. It was not rolling a smoothly as I think it should have. I had the bearings replaced and lubed. It may be ready on Friday, 02/13. I told my wrench there was no rush. At that point, I was still hopefull of making the Silver Coment Trail Ride.