Extrawheel Voyager Fender ~ flag & light pre-setup

In my February 7th post, I said:

Extrawheel ClassicI like the Extrawheel Classic flag position [centered on the nylon wheel cover ~ photo to the right]. Well, I’ve fashioned a bracket that will allow me to place my flag centered in the fender and accommodate a single DiNotte 200L Taillight. I’ll post pictures later–paint’s currently drying.

Well, the paint is dry [actually, I took time today to take pictures]. Here they are:


The prototype above shows how I intend to place a DiNotte taillight and flag on the fender of the Voyager versus the left side as shown in the Voyager photographs below. The fender bracket will be screwed into the fender to lock it into position. I’ll also use a switch to control this light. In the photo above I use my pirate flag. My trailer flag will be different. I do not know if it will be the Extrawheel flag or a different one. I’ll also us a cotter pin to lock in the flag.

Additional Pictures [click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below]:

Extrawheel Voyager Flag & Light Prototype Setup[flickr set]

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