This is it…

If I were deciding on a trailer for my Catrike 700 today, this would be the one:

Sans, the yellow panniers. I appreciate the safety value of yellow; however, I prefer black & silver Arkel GT-54 [pictured left] or T-42 rear panniers that I described earlier.

Should I go ahead with this trailer, I’ll use the Spinergy front wheel from my Trek 5200 and add carbon fiber wheel covers from Garrie Hill [who made to covers for Silk]. I’d use a Planet Bike rear fender matching the fender on my 700. I’m getting Vik’s opinion on tire type and width. My thought is slightly wider than the Stelvio 23C I’m running as a rear wheel. Vik agrees a wider tire will better support a trailer load.  Overtime, I’ll decide what is best for me. The benefit of the same tire is a replacement tire should I have a trike 700C failure, while hauling the trailer and not have a spare tire [redundancy is always good]. If I’m touring, I’d have at least one spare tire.

I’m still waiting for a response from Mark of Catrike. If I do not receive a reply today, I’ll call him on Monday.