Tadpole hauling an Extrawheel Classic

Extrawheel Classic

I had an online chat with a Bike Trailer Shop Representative asking if there are any issues with a tadpole trike hauling an Extrawheel trailer. He said there should not be any problems and gave me a link to a picture showing it being done. I then found the picture above as a better image. Now, to see if Catrike foresees any problems. I’ll get an e-mail to them soon [sent Thu, 5 Feb 2009 1:34 pm].

For Mark,
I am James, the owner of CT7225, also known as Silk. I am considering a single-wheel trailer [the Extrawheel ~ http://tinyurl.com/dd8t7e ] for my trike. Do you foresee any problems hauling this particular trailer with a 700c wheel with my Catrike 700?  I have not found examples on your messageboard, BROL, or the Yahoo Catrike Group. I have read some mention of stress because the trike does not lean. If I choose to do this, I want to do so safely.
Thanks for your time and reply.
–jim artis