Extrawheel ~ one-wheel bi/tri-cycle trailer

I wonder how this trailer would work with a Catrike 700?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Imagine the Extrawheel Classic [right] with Garrie Hill Wheel Covers being hauled by Silk or the new Voyager [below]. Just something to think about…

Checked BROL ~ There are several threads on this trailer, but no posts in the trike forum. I got a hit on the Catrike Board, but did not find anyone posting their use of the Extrawheel Trailer with a Catrike.

Voyager’s [Classic’s successor] claim to fame is: it’s lighter [2 lbs], shorter, stronger and more stable than the Classic.

USA Extrawheel website.

The Extrawheel USA Dealer [BikeTrailerShop.Com] has an Extrawheel Blog which I find useful, with additional information and links relating to this trailer.

The picture to the left is linked to their blog.

If I were to select the Voyager, the Arkel GT-54 or T-42 Rear Panniers [in black, with silver & red trim] would be nice for carrying larger loads on tours.

At this point, I like the aesthetics of the Classic, but think the improvements of the Voyager would be to my benefit.