Remember, Silk also has a touring mode…

Here she is with her panniers & rack bag and the new DiNotte 400L lights moved to the rear of the trike. [flickr photo set]Silk Touring Mode & DiNotte Lighting

today2I have been asked how much does Silk weigh with “all that stuff”? I weighed her on setup and will do so again next week [touring and lite mode]. I expect the weight to be within 5 pounds of the light mode setup weight of 51.5 lbs. On the Niagara Rally, I hosted her [touring mode] above my head. I’m up to her weight, whatever it may be.

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8 thoughts on “Remember, Silk also has a touring mode…”

  1. You can tell me to pound sand if you want but I must ask–How much do have invested in this beast? I thought I was bad but you are putting me to shame.


  2. If I recall, the trike was around $2,700. The Catrike site has the MSRP. The Angletech panniers I already had for my RANS SXP. Wheel cover pricing, you’ll have to get from the builder. Other devices [IPod Touch, Edge 305 & NUVI] where purchased for other use. The fairing [about $200] [and now dedicated lighting] is for the trike only. I have added the numbers together because the total cost is not important to me. I ride 6 cycles, with more to come. My bio say, I think I’m entitled to a vice and cycling is my vice for now [and the foreseeable future]. I hope I sufficiently answered your question. –jim


  3. Yet, it’s about 10 pounds lighter than my tour-ready RANS Stratus XP. I’ll have to weigh her again when I’ve finished the round of changes. I’ve not had trouble moving her. I also have my light bikes [2 CF DFs and my Cf VK2]. I also work on lighting me and retaining a good power-to-weight ratio. For some ride, Silk is my fun machine. Thanks! –jim


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