A tail fairing for a Catrike 700

Checking the BROL front page, I find this from Jeff Bales [BROL Member Goblin]:

Quoted from the front page article:

It is designed to be aerodynamic without being overly large and heavy. You’ll notice the unique design that allows the 700 rear wheel to protrude without being faired. Obviously, for even better aerodynamics, riders can use wheel discs. By keeping the fairing tucked in behind the seat I can keep the weight down and get the speed up.

Just as I thought I was finished with Silk’s exterior, there is something else to consider. Of course, they have it in black. 

Front fairing added recently [posted 03/03].

Catrike Messageboard Thread.

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5 thoughts on “A tail fairing for a Catrike 700”

  1. Thanks for pointing out that thread. I was just going to go look for it as I was curious if Garrie’s work would be adaptable to a raptobike. Though with only one in the US at this time, I suppose not much information is available on that subject. I am almost guaranteed to be importing the raptobike frame kit, I have CFO sign off so it is just a waiting game now.


  2. …and then there are mods from testing [see the BROL front page article quote above]. Now, Jeff says:

    These photos [img1 & img2] show a current study using a section of fiberglass. After riding the 700 and getting to know its fit, I am considering changes. Those include raising the height of the fairing’s top section to fit behind the rider’s shoulders better. I may also enclose the top of the wheel to fair in behind the rider’s head and smooth out the air disturbed by the wheel. It makes more sense now that I can see where my shoulders are with the arms forward while riding. Watch for more developments soon!

    April 5, 2009 – A lot of progress has been made! Test riding has proven that there is a lot of turbulence higher up near the rider’s shoulders. Raising the height of the fairing and enclosing the wheel will help greatly with this.


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