DiNotte 400 lumen lights [4] added to Silk

…and here they are: [additional photos in my newly uploaded flickr set]

Front & Rear DiNotte 400 Lumen Lights

I received my lights [shipped Express Mail] today, Friday 01/23, around noon. The shipping took 2 days, although the package arrived at my local post office yesterday. I chose to wait for postal delivery versus my pickup. See, I am patient.

The installation took about 5 hours. I had to determine how I’d mount the lights [I wanted a horizontal presentation versus vertical]. To make the rear work, I had to modify the included mounts to use the top-seat tube. Other photos may show more clearly the results. I used my hack saw to remove the circular mounting arm and then my Dremel and sandpaper to smooth the surface. I’m only using the center mounting hole on the lights. They are designed to use 2 mounting holes. I use both mounting holes in the front mounting.

I ended up mounting the front lights twice. I did not like the initial location I chose as much as the final location. The first location required some minor modification as I integrated the mounting with my fender supports. I moved the lights to my mirrors–no mods needed.The lights are higher and wider there.

I have not ridden with them yet. Today’s temps were nice–in the 60s; but, I was installing lights and still have some finishing [polishing] to do.

Possible issue ~ light reflections off my fairing. The reflections seem greater than with the 2 amber DiNottes I previously used. I’ll have to see if the reflection bothers my riding.

Novel installation: My battery placement [as presented earlier].

BROL thread on this installation.

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Wrapping up the refinning of Silk…


  1. Tidy up
  2. Install DiNotte Lights

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