Real steps toward my RANS Citi Crank Forward

Citi FramePhotos courtesy of Nanda and used with his permission

Nanda of Spin Cyclz has ordered and received my frameset, albeit with light versus black decals. From all of my research and planning, I expected the frame to come with black decals. Nanda has ordered back decals from RANS. They have been shipped. I’ve asked him to not put them on. I will do that after I receive the frame.

Given that, I will remove the current decals. At this point, I’m not sure if I will leave the frame red or change its color.  If I do change colors, I’ll have the frame powder coated, apply the decals, and then have them clear coated. Nanda tells me the decals on the Crank Forwards are not clear coated. I’m thinking of a pearl white frame or maybe a black frame .

RANS Zenetik CF ~ Pearl White

The theme is a basic color [red, white, etc.], offset with black componets and accessories.  Your comments are welcomed.


Left photo from RANS Into the Ride Article #22 ~  Right photo courtesy of Nanda and used with his permission

Now is the time…

It is now time to outfit Silk with a dedicated set of lights. Two front & two rear. These are on my wish list and further comment on in my 01/16 "The next time you see Silk post." Placed the order today. I hope to receive them by Friday, 01/23, and maybe as early as Thursday–pictures soon…