The next time you see Silk…


…you are likely to see a new [different] set of DiNotte Lighting.

From the first time I saw these lights, I knew they were destined to be used on Silk. I like them because they are smaller, all black, and are brighter than the DiNottes I’ve been running. Some may say I’ll have lighting overkill. That’s fine, the lady [Silk] is mine and the money comes from my pocket. There should be no problem seeing this trike coming or going down the road.

In the past, I rode with 400 lumen front and rear. With these, double that, and that is what will be seen. I’ll continue with amber fronts, and red rears. My order now sits in a queue at DiNotte awaiting my go ahead to ship. This light set will remain on the trike, reducing the lighting shifts I was making on multi-cycle rides. I’ll post pictures when they are installed. This purchase will remove one item from my wish list.

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