A WordPress Solution for BlackBerries…

The fastest, coolest and easiest blackberry photo app, at least that is what MoSnaps claims, but for a fee of $0.99 a month. Here is a MoSnaps Review by Ronen Halevy of BerryRefiew.com. Click one of the links below for more information from MoSnaps:

One item not clear to me is: Can I edit and select categories & Tags in WordPress using MoSnaps? I have ask and now await a reply.

Okay, here is the lowdown

At this point, I will not be going to Washington, DC for the President-elect Obama’s Inauguration. I was blessed to be there for three, the first [President Regan’s altered because of cold weather]; I then witnessed President Bush [the father ~ 1989] and President Clinton [1993] inaugurated. I even saw my son march in President Bush’s Inauguration as he played in his high school band. I am disappointed to give up attending this inauguration. OTOH, there will be some monetary savings.

I no longer need to buy special boots for cold DC temps; or buy a new mini TV [as I’ve used at past mass events to know what the hell is going on]; or have to buy a new [better] device for Internet access; no transportation; hotel; or food cost. With all the savings, I can acquire cycling stuff [and do I have a wish list] at the appropriate time.

First, on a PDA. After researching, studying, getting your input, and considering that I have an iPOD Touch, I have decided the best buy for me is the BlackBerry Bold. Fortunately, its purchase is not needed now. Its price will likely lower and there may even be a new Blackberry from RIM before I buy. Plus, there may even be better 3rd party software for WordPress blogging with a BlackBerry. So ~  BlackBerry on hold.

Second, I can now focus on Catrike mods that I want before the ’09 Catrike Rally or maybe even the Silver Comet Trail Ride.

Third, I should now be on an earlier purchase track for the RANS Citi Crank Forward [CF] Frameset and components. Nanda has ordered and has it in hand. I may have pics this weekend.  BTW, I just added a RANS Citi [CF] Page.

Lastly, I’ll be warmer in my house than I would have likely been in Washington, DC through the weekend and next week. Trust me, I’ll miss the inauguration; but, I’ll reward myself with “vice” stuff.

Now back to my normal routine…