This may be the deciding factor…

The videos below show an easier WordPress interface for the iPhone/iPod Touch [which I own] than WordPress’ interface for PDAs. I did find a couple of third-party plugins for PDA, but they do not seem as user friendly as the Apple interface. If this is indeed the case, since I have the iPod Touch–this is a no-cost option, and that is GOOD. I’d then be reliant on a hotspot versus “telephone” connection with the Internet. In Washington, that should not be a problem.

I am installing version 1.1 to see if it works for me. Version 1.2 is in beta testing, and therefore not the app for me at this time.  I’ve experienced an application connection problem that has to be resolved [waiting moderation].

There is another significant difference between the iPhone G3 and my iPod Touch. That is the iPhone has a camera and the Touch does not. That will limit my ability to upload pictures to the Internet until I can do so from one of my other cameras. Oh well…

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

3 thoughts on “This may be the deciding factor…”

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  2. Regrettably, I did not get a reply to my connection problem from WordPress for iPhone. My request for support sits in moderation and has been for 3 days. I have shifted my interest to the Blackberry Bold. At some point, I hope to get an answer so that I can use the software with my iPod Touch. Oh well…


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