I’m connected! ~ No, I’m NOT!

If you maintain [or do not] an Internet connection regardless of your location, what do you use? Please indicate your choice by completing the poll below. Thanks!

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Author: jalexartis

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11 thoughts on “I’m connected! ~ No, I’m NOT!”

  1. I use a Treo, but since I’m not on a data plan, I need to be careful how much Internet I run off it. I want an iPhone, but there are serious limitations for me to want to jump to it and get the data plan yet. The Palm Pre has promise, but as a company who knows where it will go. The Treo has not had the best reliability.


  2. It is the old style big blackberry (8703), it is slow but ok, and it is big and annoying to carry on a bike. It doesn’t have the longest lifetime but should last more than a day assuming you aren’t texting/calling all day. So it works for group rides if you can find a good place for it.


  3. Thanks Ducan, I’m still researching and reviewing. I want to take photos, easily upload, and blog to WordPress. Both seem to handle phone call & e-mail adequately. I’m finding blog apps for BB, but now a lot of screen shots. THANKS! Back to reading…


  4. I got a Blackberry ’cause it would give me email, and discovered I could use it as a modem. Soon as I get the dollars I”ll get a real keyboard for it, ’cause I’m not a thumb jockey.


  5. I have “an other” phone (Nokia) that lets me connect. I use it that way only occasionally: I don’t have to be that connected all the time.


  6. I use a Palm Centro, mainly because I could get it cheap from Verizon with a discount from my work. I really wanted to get an iPhone, but the ATT internet access in my area is pathetic. I’ve known people to really get upset with it so I opted not to get one yet until they provide better service in our area.



  7. Thanks Dennis, I desire is no longer immediate since I’m no longer going to Washington this weekend. I’m leaning toward the Blackberry Bold [although there is a newness penalty] because I have the iPOD Touch. I can kind of “have my cake and eat it too.” The review of both are enlightening. I had Nextel coverage problems during my cycling odyssey. It’s a shame the Apple and RIM are not more flexible with the consumer plans that are available. Thanks for your comment. –jim


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