…continuing the story of Zakayo Ndbri & Mwangi Samwel


I‘m always amazed at what can be found on the Internet. Although I did not find this yesterday, I am thankful to have found it today and to be able to share it via the Internet. It certainly gives us more background on these two cyclist–their hopes and dreams.

Did you know?

Two African cyclists prepare to challenge the Tour de France podium

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posted with vodpod; The article and linked video are from the Daily Telegraph, London, England.

They are Kenyan cyclists,  Zakayo Ndbri and Mwangi Samwel. They are from the village of Eldoret. The article points out Singaporean photographer and investor, Leong found Zakayo and Mwangi in the village famed for producing some of the greatest long-distance runners of the past. It goes on to say:

…So how did it take a Singaporean to invest his time and money in finding a ‘Black Pantani’? The answer comes from a little-known black rider who peaked at the turn of last century. “Major” Taylor began racing in 1896 when he entered a pro bike race in Madison Square Gardens and lapped the entire field in the process, while three years later he won the one-mile at the world championships.

However, his ability to win virtually every race he entered also left a black mark on his career. In his home state of Indiana he was banned from racing thanks to his supreme talent while one race in Massachusetts saw Taylor tackled by an enraged cyclist who left him unconscious in the process. Today, Leong is a supporter of the Major Taylor Association which aims to keep his legacy alive following his death in 1932…

I published information on Major Taylor earlier. I trust this post is informative and that you will look for these riders in  Le Tour de France, 2009. I will.

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