The people we meet ~ featuring Jennifer Lang

Jennifer Lang

s651395174_5005114_8614Details about Jennifer:

I am sure there is more. On the other hand, I think you see why I am impressed with her and happy to be known as her friend.  Now, for some photographs:

Jennifer Lang Collage


The people we meet ~ featuring Cletus D. Lee

One of the cool things about cycling is the people we meet. Sometimes via the Internet, sometimes on rides, or both. The friendships are enduring. I’ve met such a cyclist in Cletus D. Lee. We have not yet ridden together, but we are BROL friends [a neat collections of  BROL members who befriend each other]. Were have a few thing in common: we are cyclist; we were both in the Army and in Vietnam; we have both been to Europe, etc. Well, we also like photography. Yesterday, in an Arts Thread introduced by Jafafa Hots [BROL member] , Clee01 [his BROL name] posted this beautiful photograph:

I was so taken by its beauty that I discovered it on flickr and a treasure trove of Cletus’ photography. This man is a talented photographer. Yesterday, he decided to start a BROL thread for members to post their favorite photograph or photos they are especially proud of

Cletus at workThanks Cletus for permission to use this beautiful photograph in my blog. I invite readers to visit his flickr photostream and his website . He specializes in distant and macro photography. He takes lots of pictures of insects, especially spiders using a Pentax K10D & K20D Cameras. I promise you will not be disappointed. Readers, enjoy this man’s work.