So, you want a Crank Forward Bike…

What is a Crank Forward Bike? In essence Bob Bryant of the ‘BentRider Staff ask the same after introducing new models from Electra Bicycles. Then he gives us an answer.

Intro: For years the bicycle industry has been searching for a way to mainstream recumbent bicycles; to make them simpler, easier to ride, easier to sell — without all of the required hand-holding, explaining and education that dealers must endure. Some recumbents have have gotten less rider-friendly over the years with more reclined seats and higher pedals. The bike industry needed a more comfortable bike — thus the “flat-footed” bike  or “crank-forward” bike was born.

The answer link above will take you to his article. It is a good read. My CF choice is the Citi made by RANS of Hays, Kansas. My earlier post should familiarize you with the Citi: The Citi that I’ll call Fay.

BTW, RANS has a Crank Forward Forum. Go there to share information, find answers to your questions, and communicate with others who share your interest in the RANS Crank Forward Bikes.

Here is a recent BROL discussion on Crank Forwards started by Doncl of BROL. BROL also has a CF Forum.

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4 thoughts on “So, you want a Crank Forward Bike…”

  1. This “crank forward” is not a new idea. My bike, when I was a kid, was built this way. I wish I still had my bike. This is silly to charge $500 for a “new” idea when this was the way bikes were made years ago.


  2. Often times ideas are borrowed from an earlier concept but there are times when the level of craftsmanship, welding and overall assembly makes that premium worthwhile. Frankly, my Catrike was no cheap investment but I enjoy the increased benefits it offers in the way of comfort and efficiency so I to was willing to shell out the bucks for it. I weld as a hobby and need I say that coping joints, precise tube bending and achieving a tight fit takes a level of skill that few of us can manage on our own. Paying for said skill as a “Made in America” item, if applicable plus parts spec to fit a chosen consumer interest category warrants a higher premium.


    1. I’m still lovin’ my CF–a fun-to-ride bike. I never debated that the concept is one from the past. Made by RANS in the USA works for me. Plus, I know of their quality because I owned their Stratus XP.

      Good that you weld. I wish I had those skills.

      Thanks for your comments.



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