Inspirational stories from BROL

I frequently comment on BROL or ‘BentRiders Online, a cycling community of over 11,ooo members. With the permission of the members below, I am sharing their ’08 riding stories posted in the BROL thread I started 12/31 where I posted an End-of-Year Report on my ’08 cycling experiences. The stories below are in the sequence in which they were posted. These are fun reads.  Thanks to the BROL Members for their permission to share. Clicking on the picture will take you to the member’s post. Clicking on the name will take you to the member’s BROL Profile.

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A moment to reflect on my ’08 cycling experiences

To this point, I’ve had two watermark cycling years, 2006 and 2008.

Two-thousand Six is notable because of my three tours [each on my RANS Stratus XP]. The first tour was from Fayetteville, North Carolina to Richmond, Virgina–218 miles, ridden in one day-my first double century. The next was the 9-day, 1,062-mile trek from Fayetteville, North Carolina to Key West, Florida. The 9 consecutive centuries [one 136 miles and another 147 miles, the remainder were between 105 & 115 miles] was fulfilling. The next tour was my Veterans Day weekend trip from Fayetteville, North Carolina to Richmond, Virginia again. These tours, plus my other riding, yielded 5,128 recorded mileage. I am sated with these accomplishments.

Two-thousand Eight is notable because of the various states/districts/provinces I traveled to or through to cycle–19 all total. The District is the District of Columbia and the Province is Ontario, Canada. Even more notable are the people with whom I rode. Many from ‘BentRiders Online Forums [BROL] and others on the majors rides–Bike Virginia, Seattle-to-Portland [STP], of course–RAGBRAI, and Cycle North Carolina. Then there are “family” rides like the Catrike Rally, TOT, and the Niagara Rally. The other rides were Crusin’ in the Country at Claxton, Georgia and FestiVELO [this year at Moncks Corner, South Carolina. I am blessed to have been able to participated in these rides and to have met and ridden with so many cyclist.

Although I had more miles in ’06 and an phenomenal number of centuries, ’08 tops it because of faces I have that now fit the names I know. Thanks to my many friends for the experiences. I plan to continue cycling afar in ’09.

I must also note, that I’ve been fortunate to ride accident free. I’ve had a few cycling mishaps [they are in this blog–no reason to highlight them here]. From the “big picture,” they pale in comparison to what I’ve been able to do. I think I now fit into the category of “senior rider”; but, that is NOT how I feel, nor how I ride.

Just a few thoughts as I reflect on my 2008 cycling experiences…


Jim Artis

Happy New Year


May you have a safe and prosperous 2009

[photo taken by jalexartis 1986 from Arlington Cemetery]