…or should it be a tail box???

Garrie Hill [BROL member CFBB], the  builder of my carbon fiber wheel covers, is working on a tail box, that may be adaptable to the Catrike 700 [see this BROL thread introduced by Gene Metcalf]. Of course, Garrie’s creation is likely to be carbon fiber and more areodynamic than the Goblin Cricket creation below. At this point, I’m waiting to hear from Garrie.

Garrie responds that he’s still working on it ~ no pictures yet.

A tail fairing for a Catrike 700

Checking the BROL front page, I find this from Jeff Bales [BROL Member Goblin]:

Quoted from the front page article:

It is designed to be aerodynamic without being overly large and heavy. You’ll notice the unique design that allows the 700 rear wheel to protrude without being faired. Obviously, for even better aerodynamics, riders can use wheel discs. By keeping the fairing tucked in behind the seat I can keep the weight down and get the speed up.

Just as I thought I was finished with Silk’s exterior, there is something else to consider. Of course, they have it in black. 

Front fairing added recently [posted 03/03].

Catrike Messageboard Thread.

Comments please…

Remember, Silk also has a touring mode…

Here she is with her panniers & rack bag and the new DiNotte 400L lights moved to the rear of the trike. [flickr photo set]Silk Touring Mode & DiNotte Lighting

today2I have been asked how much does Silk weigh with “all that stuff”? I weighed her on setup and will do so again next week [touring and lite mode]. I expect the weight to be within 5 pounds of the light mode setup weight of 51.5 lbs. On the Niagara Rally, I hosted her [touring mode] above my head. I’m up to her weight, whatever it may be.

Modified RAM Mount [Nuvi 760]

RAM mod collage

Extending the Nuvi Cage makes it easier to insert/remove the external battery cable for longer rides where I use the Nuvi 760. Pictures below:
2009 10/29 Refinements

2009 10/29 Refinements

Additional photos here:

Cable ships…

My dock extender cable [ordered 01/22] ships today via FirstClass Mail. Original projected delivery was 02/02. At this point, I hope…

A tool I need…

This is a torque wrench designed for cyclist. I’ve wanted on for years, but have not purchased one. With my upcoming RANS Citi build, I want to do the majority of my assembly. This will help. I learned of it from El Cargonista’s flickr photostream. The wrench is made in Italy. This version, the basic, comes without bits, of which I have many.

Now, the question becomes when to buy?

A special cycling jersey…

This jersey has been on my want list since I got my Catrike 700. There are more “formal” riding occasions that warrant attire other than the typical cycling jersey. I think the Primal Ritz will fill that bill. Of course, such an occasion will require the “Jerry Flag.” So, what are your thoughts???