My RANS Citi Crank Forward Q&A

Via e-mail and from this blog, I’m trying to get information I need to make the best sight-unseen, have-not-ridden, buying decision possible. This technique has worked well for me in the past, in that I purchased 3 recumbents this way. All are perfect fits–no regrets. I don’t want to blow this purchase.

Following are a series of questions and answers from Nanda, Spin Cyclz. In a few instances, the responses are a bit more me than Nanda. I wanted to have a full build at Spin Cycle.  However, given components that Nanda cannot get and the fit I need, I’ll buy the frame-set from him and build the bike here. This was the original plan.


[click on tthe image above for a more readable copy]

From these responses, I’m building a shopping list so that I can budget for the purchase. I’ve also asked VikB [BROL member and the owner of a RANS Street CF, a Surly Big Dummy, & a Surly Pugsley] a few questions. Vik rides with several of the components I’m interested in.

Now, I’ll have my wheels built; buy components as my budget allows; and then order the frame-set [relative to its availability]. I want to  complete my purchases by the end of March ’09.

Next up–my shopping list.

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