This is one beautiful cycle–Stunning!

It’s a faired Velokraft NoCom.  Now this is a lowracer…

This photograph is posted in a BROL thread on tail boxes.


faired-nocom2Yet, another one [from PoiterH~BROL]

…and now a 3rd [see cmt #2~a former BROLer~Mikael]

Author: jalexartis

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14 thoughts on “This is one beautiful cycle–Stunning!”

  1. Got one with my new NoCom. 2.400 g and I paid 800 euros sans shipping.
    But I’m a repeat offender when it comes to Velokraft, so it might be more
    expensive. And shipping is probably steep. Picked mine up in Poland
    and saved a bundle. (I live in Denmark)

    Some pics here. Haven’t built it up yet due to work and winter.
    (and one before that. Warning… really annoying popups since its a free photopage.)

    Merry X-mas and all that jazz


  2. Thanks Mikael, Now we know for sure that they are coming from Kamil. Wicked! Thanks for the visit and sharing the information and pictures. Happy Holidays to you also. Where have you been? –jim


  3. Wot me? In Denmark mostly. ;o) I’m just lurking on BROL.
    Dumped my account there. Tailfairing might fit VK2 also,
    but rear derailleur clearance will most likely be tight.
    It sorta fits my VK2, but I’m running a raised chain and a 559
    rear wheel. I suspect there will be more clearance with a 622,
    but still awaiting loan of a guniea pig VK2 to test that.

    Clearance is rather tight on the NoCom also.
    Had to get an XT Shadow rear der for mine.



  4. Thanks for the update. We miss you. If I were to get this faring, I’d have to get the NoCom to go along. Although, the idea of using it interchangeably is a good one. I was at kamil’s sight recently looking for this fairing, but did not see it. You take care and let us hear from you. –jim


  5. Pity you live on the other side of the Drink. Mine is sorta for sale.
    I got seduced by the shiny, shiny carbon when I was trying to buy
    a Performer highracer. Not really sure I will use it enough to justify
    keeping it, but if noone buys it here I will get it rolling.

    Selling it for the equivalent of 3752 USD which is 20.000 DKK at the current exchange rate.
    Paid 3000 euros for the framekit and fairing.
    But shipping costs and packaging would be a nightmare I fear.
    Plus you need an inseam around 80-84 cm or a new boom.

    Hear from me? I’m currently spamming your blog. Isn’t that enough? ;o)


  6. I welcome the opportunity to correspond with you again. You were very helpful on matter pertaining to my VK2. I appreciated it and say THANKS! You are welcome to Spam me anytime. I feel special in a way…

    Your NoCom does indeed look good–not in my budget for ’09. Budgets do get changed, don’t they. Yea, it would be good to be on that side of the pond again. I lived in Germany 74-78 and visited again in 89. Make sure I see pictures of your finished build. I’d think you’ll easily find buyers in Europe.

    Thanks! Go ride…


  7. Jim, great site, I did not know you had it up. I am bookmarking as of now.
    Mikael, I have missed your comments on BROL. The pictures you have put up from time to time of your travels were and are beautiful.
    Happy riding to both of you.
    Bruce in Texas


  8. Hi Bruce, Thanks for the visit and your comments. Yep, I’ve been blogging on my cycles since 2005, as I purchased my VK2. Links have/are a part of my sig. The end of November, I consolidated 5 cycling blogs into the single blog and moved from Blogger to WordPress. Glad you are here & that you bookmarked this blog and that you get to communicate with Mikael. You hurry back, ya hear. –jim


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