Cool Vid–I think this is what I’m looking for…

In my Internet research [such a valuable resource] on panoramic heads, software, and then reading many forums, I discovered Mr. Don French and the AutoMate 1.0. at The Gadget Works. I have been accepted in his beta testing program for this amazing device. I just happen to have an iPaq H5555, the camera, etc. All of this really whets my geek glans and then I get to take pictures–WOW.  Thanks Don for permission to use your video in my blog.  –jim

P.S. I have successfully installed the AutoMate software [thanks to Don for the files] on my PDA [glad I did not get rid of it]. The program RUNS! That piece of the puzzle is in place. This is looking good!!!

Additional information on this product:

Another product: Merlin, Orion and Papywizard [forum]

  • Merlin/Orion is the pan/tilt head [one builder’s approach]
  • Papywizard is the software [users guide]. Note: This software does not currently run on a PDA running Pocket PC. It does run on Internet Tablet PC such as the Nokia series, as well as on my PC. A Bluetooth connection is used to interface with the pan/tilt head. Although written primarily for the M/O PTH, it can be used to drive other heads, as long as a hardware link can be established.

The alternative above does require user wiring and modifications for it to work. I list it here for my convenience in getting to previously found information and for reader awareness. The software does look interesting–no judgment, having not used either with a pan/tilt head.

Yet another approach: GigaPanoBot

The upcoming release of Autopano Pro and Autogiga will have built-in support for motorized panoheads. From my reading, the developers specifically include the Merlin/Orion Head as well as the Papywizard software. Release is planned for 02/09.

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