My next riding adventure

Fes.ti’VELO (fes te VAY low), n.

1) A peaceful relaxing weekend, making lots of new, life-long friends and rekindling annual relationships.

2) An eating frenzy with 16 all-you-can-eat meals: steamed oysters, Southern BBQ, seafood, Greek Fest & Treats, Happy Hour, and The Chocolate Obsession Garden. Also, always lots of veggie options. (If you have special needs for food and fuel, let us know at least two weeks before and we will meet your needs.)

3) 10th annual family oriented bicycle weekend near Charleston, S.C., & more fun than you can imagine, centered 7 miles north of Moncks Corner, off Highway 52.

4) Camping, RV or hotel.

5) Four days of cycling with distances from 15 to 100 miles. Rides start and end at same location for the four days but follow different routes.


7) See Mepkin Abbey, McClellanville, many other historic sites on mostly rural routes in remote areas near Lake Moultrie and Frances Marion National Forest.

8) Family Fun ON and OFF the saddle.

9) Non- rider activities and interesting “happenings” each day (too much to list here, see online web site registration, please).

10) Click to go to online registration where you will have the option to select from FIVE CATEGORIES: 1. All four days of riding with all meals, 2. All four days of riding and select only meals you wish, 3. Daily rider choosing any day, any meals, 4. Saturday only rider, and 5. Volunteer

FestiVELO is an all-volunteer organization of bicyclists with the purpose of putting on an event exceeding the needs and expectations of cyclists in order to raise funds to benefit bicycle causes. Palmetto Cycling Coalition receives all proceeds from FestiVELO.

The information above was lifted from the FestiVELO web site. I hope to ride the maximum distance each day and do so on a different cycle [providing I can get all to fit in the van]. This may be a bit of a physical challenge, given I’ve only done a few miles since Claxton, Georgia early November. Anyway, I need to burn calories.

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

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