Okay, 2008 is coming to a close…

2008 Monthly Report

You have [or can] read my End-of-Year 2008 Cycling Experiences… Blog entry below and see that I was bless to ride 3,538.65 recorded accident free miles and have the opportunity to meet many nice people. That makes ’08 a true high-water mark year for me.

Let me share with you the meager mileage by month and cycle of my riding:

Now, why do I say meager? Because many of my BROL brothers and sisters exceed my mileage by significant numbers. For example: Startle says:

Nice blog Jim. I got to visit Southern Cal for the first time and enjoyed riding along the coast. Fantastic! Visited Bent up Cycles, Fantastic! Found a great place for riding in Eastern Oregon, the Strawberry Mountains, and the cycling event at Prairie City,  OR. Planning on going back. Century ride with over 10,000 ft climbing is a great event. Got to ride the famous trail by Sacramento nice, but very busy even at 5:00 a.m. Our stay at Folsom was wonderful. And I rode over 10,000 miles again this year, don’t know why but that just makes me feel good. Happy New Year all!

Here is another BROL thread that has monumental riding accomplishments and a link to a thread I started 12/31 to give my EOY comments and links to this blog.

I invite all readers to get exercise in some form–what ever works for you and for whatever time period or distance that you are comfortable with. For me, I’ll strive to do a bit better in ’09.

Thanks for the visit and reading.


Last ’08 ride ~ a 13-miler

Well, I had to ride neighborhood streets to extend my 11 mile out & back to 13. I did not verify my ride distance and had ridden the route recently. I said 13 and 13 it is. It’s a hilly little sucker… Saw a max 40 mph today!!!

12-31-2008 Last Ride Larger Map


Rode My Trek Project One ~ what a sweet bike

[click either graphic to goto MotionBased for more ride info]

1231 Eastover Summary

It was a GOOD [cycling] Year

2008 afforded me the opportunity ride many different venues and more importantly, to meet many friends, some of whom are members of the ‘BentRider Online [BROL]. [click either of the collection thumbnails to go to the  flickr photos or sets of that  collection of pictures]

Face of America [Bethesda to Gettysburg]

My 2008 Cycling Odyssey

Niagara Rally

Cycle North Carolina

Crusin in the Country

FestiVELO de Moncks Corner

Following is a list of ’08 places ~ events ~ dates of my cycling:

[click on the collages below for an enlarged picture]

2008 Riding Collage1

2008 Riding Collage2

In all of this, I amassed 3,538.65 recorded miles [chart below]. I had a few rides where I had a GPS issue, thus the mileage was not recorded. Plus, I ride for cool-down and do not record those miles. My estimate is that my mileage in in excess of 3,700 miles. My ’06 total exceeds ’07 & ’08, but I did 3 major tour in ’06, and 21 centuries, one of which was a double century. I had one double this year–STP. This chart is based on my Garmin Edge 305 uploads the the MotionBased Database. Garmin has Edge 305 replacements.


[click the chart to goto my MotionBased Digest]

I have to again give a special thanks to those BROL members who gave the utmost in hospitality as I trekked west and then back east. You know who you are. THANKS  AGAIN!!!

Now, what will I ride in ’09?

My RANS Citi Crank Forward Shopping List

Iprepared my Citi shopping list [as of 12/31] based on my research and responses to various questions I have asked. Thanks to Nanda of Spin Cyclz for his help. I expect to begin purchasing when and as budget permits.

Background in three earlier posts :

[click on the image above for clearer text]

Shopping List

One more ride in the bank

12-31-2008 Summary

Slightly windier today than yesterday. Just a bit slower too. Although the first half of the ride, I picked up my average speed .7 of a mile. I lost all of it during the back half.I’m sure some of it was the wind and some me. Anyway, I burned calories and that is good. Plus, I’m getting my legs back. BTW, I rode my Trek 5200 again today. If I ride tomorrow, I’ll ride my Trek Project One on a shorter hillier 13 mile route. From the house, out & back. [click to expand graphic]

My RANS Citi Crank Forward Q&A

Via e-mail and from this blog, I’m trying to get information I need to make the best sight-unseen, have-not-ridden, buying decision possible. This technique has worked well for me in the past, in that I purchased 3 recumbents this way. All are perfect fits–no regrets. I don’t want to blow this purchase.

Following are a series of questions and answers from Nanda, Spin Cyclz. In a few instances, the responses are a bit more me than Nanda. I wanted to have a full build at Spin Cycle.  However, given components that Nanda cannot get and the fit I need, I’ll buy the frame-set from him and build the bike here. This was the original plan.


[click on tthe image above for a more readable copy]

From these responses, I’m building a shopping list so that I can budget for the purchase. I’ve also asked VikB [BROL member and the owner of a RANS Street CF, a Surly Big Dummy, & a Surly Pugsley] a few questions. Vik rides with several of the components I’m interested in.

Now, I’ll have my wheels built; buy components as my budget allows; and then order the frame-set [relative to its availability]. I want to  complete my purchases by the end of March ’09.

Next up–my shopping list.

I needed a ride & GOT IT!

081229 EastoverSince I have not ridden since early December [FestiVELO]; I needed to relieve stress; and, I needed to burn calories, I prepared my Trek 5200 and we went for a nice 29 mile ride. Albeit, slower than I’ve ridden this route before, but not to shabby, give temps and wind. Plus, I’m not at my summer level of conditioning. Anyway it was good enough that I hope to do it again tomorrow.

pc300017You may wonder why the 5200. I flatted twice on it in FestiVELO and it’s not a ‘bent. Well, it was fastest to setup. I had to transfer pedals and load my emergency items. I plan to ride the Stratus XP on a colder day, given its fairing. I’ll give Silk a spin in the cold with her fairing also.