Welcome to my “New” Cycling Blog

I have decided to combine my 6 cycling blogs [each relating to a different type cycle] into a single blog–titled Cycling Experiences…  There are efficiencies to be gained in doing so. Plus, you may find it interesting to read information about each of the cycles I ride at a single location. Of course, when I started my former blogs, I did not know my stable would grow as it has and I expect a few more cycles to work their way in over the years. As I do, you’ll find discussion about them here.

I hope you like the layout. I’ll make every effort to keep the information and pictures interesting. There’s lots of cycling information available on the Intenet. I have some links here and you will find many others in associated blogs and by searching the Internet.

At this point, I have completed my review, adjustments, and link check of my 2008 posts.  I’ll be working on ’07 & ’06 over the next week or so. Should you go back to those years, you may find links to my earlier blogs, photos that may not fit the page, etc. Eventually, all the uncategorized references will be gone.  Using the Categories and tags, as well are the calendar and archive should help you navigate this blog.

Thank you for your patience.

Please join me in the wonderful world of cycling…



P.S. I say thanks to Alan and Vik for their inspiration.

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

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