I’m having my steering riser replaced

Based on this failure [discussed in a BROL thread] and reports of other cracks in the riser RANS [Randy Schlitter] is replacing wielded riser with a forged riser, with the customer only paying to ship the riser to RANS.  This is certainly a kind and fair response [as acknowledged by several responders] to rider safety concerns.

Riser Exchange Program [posted on BROL by Randy Schlitter]
RANS will be happy to exchange your welded 3.75” short riser for a forged one for the cost of shipping it back to us. Upon receipt of you old welded riser, we will send you a new forged 3.75” riser shipping prepaid for US mail or regular ground UPS and FEDEX.

Thanks Randy!  Thanks RANS!

On inspection, I find no indications of failure with my riser.  I’m having it replaced because of possible future failure.  Better to be safe, than sorry.

Hopefully, I’ll have it back in time to take my SXP to FestiVELO ’08 [depart December 3rd].