I took my Trek 5200 on the road

That is, I road it at the 2008 Crusin’ in the Country Ride at Claxton, Georgia.  I rode it for just over 26 miles on Friday afternoon after arriving in Claxton. I averaged 17.1 mph.  The following day I rode my LWB Recumbent.

2008 Crusin’ in the Country ~ Claxton, Georgia

2008 Crusin' in the Country
Last Saturday, I rode a century + in and around Claxton, Georgia. My total time was just under 9 hours [by about 15-minutes]. The ride too longer than my normal centuries. I do not know if that is attribitable to the wind, the weight of the cycle, or my conditioning. I tend to think the weight of the Stratus XP. I have managed reasonable averages on my carbon fiber cycle, with the best time from my Velokraft VK2. I averaged 17.1 on a 26-miler on the Friday warm-up ride.

In terms of speed, I rank my cycles as follows [fastest to slowest]: VK2; Trek Project One; Trek 5200; Stratus XP; Catrike 700; & Trek Y-22 MTB.

2008 Crusin' in the CountryIn my departure form Fayetteville, I failed to bring my Li-Ion USB battery [to extend My Garmin Edge 305 run-time]. At first, I was not concerned because I thought I’d finish within 8-hours. So, I was only captured about 90-miles of the ride [just before the Daisy, GA Rest Stop]. Needless to say, I was disappointed. I could have carried my backup Edge, but again thought I would finish before the 305 shut down. Oh well…
I hope to get a complete map of the route from Roger Zoul of BROL. BTW, it was good to also meet Bert, Jansen, and Frank, with whom Roger rode this ride last year. I’ll post the data as I have it. I opted to not ride in Georgia on Sunday. I thought I would ride after getting home, but did not. Where is my discipline going? Today would have been a good day to ride.