Roger does Fayetteville, NC

Roger@WadeThat is, Roger Zoul of ‘Bentrider Online [BROL] paid a visit to Fayetteville, North Carolina [promised at last year’s FestiVELO de Charleston] to ride a Metric  Century and the Cape Fear Trail.  We did the Metric Century on Saturday , 11/01 and Cape Fear Trail Sunday , 11/02.  We both rode trikes [Roger-a Catrike Expedition and I rode Silk, my Catrike 700.  The Saturday ride took an hour more [4:50] the same route on my road bike 2 years ago [3:45], and that route was slightly longer.  Plus, with the road conditions, our trikes beat up on us a bit.  I have always felt it is more of a challenge to ride a trike long distances that a LWB recumbent or even my road bike.  I will be faster on either of those and especially faster on my SWB Velokraft VK2.  After riding the CFT, we rode 2 challenging hills .  Try these on your trike.

Given, this if I ride the Claxton, GA Century, I’m considering my RANS Stratus setup as a “hot-rod” LWB ‘bent.  Stay tuned.