Share in my 2008 Cycling Odyssey

As you noted in my previous post, I began a cycling adventure or odyssey June 20, 2008, by riding in Bike Virginia. From there I travel to Kellogg, Idaho to ride in the Second Annual Trikes Only/Optional Tour [a event with the majority of the participants coming from the ‘Bentrider Online Forums]. I then rode with BROL friends in Wenatchee and Seattle Washington. Saturday, I hope to complete a 202 mile ride from Seattle, Washington to Portland, Oregon. We roll out at 4:45 a.m. PDT. Following that ride, I travel to Minneapolis, Minnesota to ride with BROL friends, then Registers Annual Great American Bicycle Ride Across Iowa [RAGBRAI]. Finally, I ride 2 days with other BROL friends in Morton, Illinois. Sunday morning after the last ride with Dennis of BROL, I’ll drive back to Fayetteville, North Carolina for some recovery.

This experience has bee delightful. I’ve met BROL friends face-to-face. I have seen more of our beautiful country. Much of what I have done and share is in a ‘Bentrider Forum, titled Jim’s ’08 Cycling Odyssey. The thread now has over 3,025 reads and 170 posts. Please check it out for details [including ride data at Motion Based] and links to several hundred pictures, with more to come. You may also want to go directly to my Flickr account to view my photosets.

I had hoped to make daily post to my blogs, but time does not permit me to do so. The BROL thread is my travel-log. Thanks for your interest. –jim

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

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