Fairing adjustments

BROL Member Clu4u [John] says: [BROL Thread]

Hi Jim, I think that Silk looks even better with the fairing on, as long as
you can see the road!

Could you swing the TerraCycle accessory mount down under the fairing support and shine the light under the fairing? Then you wouldn’t have reflection, but your light pattern on the road might not be as desirable. Seems like it would be worth a try. Farings are certainly nice to keep the toes warm and dry. Very cool!

I’d be interested in seeing a side view with you on Silk. It looks to me as if the fairing could go down a little by sliding the support forward, but the location relative to you is the important thing.

Well, I tried the fairing adjustment. That is, I slid it as for forward as possible and still allowing for foot clearance. In this position, I found the black horizontal bar for top faring support obscures my vision. Since I cannot get the fairing low enough to see over it, why not raise it as I once had it.

Before today’s commute, I raised the fairing about 2 inches. The horizontal bar no longer obscures my vision. Of course, I still looking through the fairing. That is not a problem. In the higher position. I think I’ll have greater rain protection. We shall see.

BTW, I like the faining on the trike. I still get plenty of air. Will it be enough on a 95+ degree day? Again, we shall see. I’m expecting fewer bugs.

Also, the fairing does easily scratch. The instructions warn of this and I know this from the fairing on my SXP. I’ve tried ti polish out to no real avail. Oh well…

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