A craftman’s detail

Please note the Catrike Panther that Garrie Hill applied to the disc wheel cover. This image taken by Mr. Hill.

And what do these shoes weigh???

It is always interesting to compare the weight of items added to our rides. Wheel covers or disc are used to make a cycle more aerodynamic. You hope that you are adding minimum weight [carbon fiber wheel disc] and getting a more efficient [increased average speed] ride.

Here, the front wheel weighs 2.49 lbs and the rear wheel 4.43 lbs. Tomorrow, we will see what the CF disc add to the weight of the wheels [2 disc per].

Silk with shoes off, while waiting for new socks

Six carbon fiber discs [wheel covers (below)] were shipped today. I have removed the wheels to prepare them for the covers. I have to remove the rotors from the front wheels and the cassette from the rear wheel, then clean the mounting surfaces. The wheels will then be ready for me to mount the covers. Pictures soon…

Silk’s socks are on their way

Garrie Hill has posted an announcement on BROL.

Note the Catrike Panther Logo at the top of the disc

THANKS Garrie Hill. Silk will proudly wear these socks. Photos courtesy of Garrie Hill.

5200 ride today

Albeit brief, I used my 5200 to return home after dropping off my van for service: 0802251210Home2StewartTire&Auto

My Project One in at the LBS for service.

I will likely use it to go back to pick it up, depending on time of day.

Van is in for service for trip to the Catrike Rally

Since I am not able to transport my trike to a “safe” ride area because my van is being serviced, I decided to remove Silk’s wheels [below]. In addition, my Trek Project One is also being serviced because I will take it to Florida. So, today I rode my old standby–My Trek 5200 and will likely ride it tomorrow as I go to pick up my van.