Silk does not SPIN

…except where I found sand on the trail.

Seriously, in my lowest gear [ 25 gear inches–30-tooth chain ring and 32-tooth cog, with a 700C wheel], on the hills I climbed today, there was more quad effort than just spinning and inching up the hills. Albeit, I sat there and climbed the grades. She climbs well, just not a lot of spinning like my MTB. Of course, I can change my gearing. The question is what type hill will I ride with Silk. I plan to add a 26″ 559 wheel, with a 11-34 cassette. At this point, I’ll likely ride more [months] and then decide.

ere are my rides for today.

1) A twisty, somewhat hilly trail: 0802201720CapeFearTrail

Elevation & grade data

2) A challenging hill for roadies I know: 0802201803Eastwood Ave. Hill [I can ride this hill seated on my DF.]

Elevation & grade data

Where I had sand as I was climbing, I did loose traction. Fortunately, there was not a lot of sand.

I did see my fastest speed yet, although downhill, 35.5 mph.

All, in all, it was fun. The walkers seemed friendlier than when I ride the same trail on my DF. Now that I have a baseline, I look forward to doing it again.

Received Nashbar Frame Pack Bag

Since the bags are both oriented the same way, I removed the reflective stitching from both bags so thy look the same from either side of the trike. Aesthetically, this gives better balance [IMO]. I can always add reflective material later, if I choose.

What is this trike’s riding weight

The scale shows 51.98 lbs. less the strap weight .46 lbs, equals 51.52 lbs. The riding weight includes a filled 3-liter bladder, spare tubes, batteries, lights, etc. I have wedge bags to add and likely a sports drink bladder. I estimate a riding weight of 50 to 55 lbs. This is 5 to 10 lbs less than my RANS Stratus XP.The collage above show the straps I use to suspend the trike. Upper left–rear lift strap wraps around the frame, just in front of the rear tire [see lower center photograph]; Upper right–front lift strap wraps around the frame, just in front of the cruciform.

Something New…

Hey guys & gals, you’ve got to come back next week for another addition to Silk. I’ll not spill the beans here. Keep checking to see what it is…