The German Mirrors did not work for me

Background (from my 01/07/08 post):

The last few days I’ve worked to adapt the German Mirrors to allow them to be used on the left and right of the trike. I think they will work but not look as streamline [“aero”] as they were. I need to buy a different adhesive and rubberized spray for the back.

Observations (from my 02/12/08 ride):

Riding in traffic, it was difficult to tell exactly which lane the approaching vehicle was it. That is, to know when to bail-out if you think you are about to be run over. I also had more inboard view and less outboard view than needed for safety. The mirrors may work very well where positioning is more favorable for their use. For now I’ll go with a pair of Mountain Mirrycle Mirrors. This mirror came with the trike. I have ordered one additional mirror for the right side. I’m to receive it Monday the 18th.

Replacement Mountain Mirrycle Mirrors Received