Silk rides TALL

Although my Catrike 700 is a low-profile [laid-back] trike. It does not ride that way to me. Today, I got in a 27-miler on relatively flat North Carolina country roads. I did not have a feeling of being too low to be seen. Each vehicle that passed did so in the other lane of 2-lane roads [no one blew their horn]. My visibility of the road was very good. I had no problem dodging debris. The trike rides very comfortable. My speed was no where near my normal averages of 16-20 mph. I can not faulty the CT700. I can fault the engine [6 weeks of not riding] and 14mph head winds. I decided to settle in and enjoy the experience. Although comfortable, I do need to extend my boom a couple of inches.
I am delighted with this trike!

quite chain line
comfortable seat
good visibility
easily steered [maneuvered]
climbs well [I choose to ride the entire route on the big chain ring (just to know that I can)]
fun to ride [I think trail versus straight highway would be more fun, as well as riding with other trikers versus alone]
speed [I was able to get it up to 30mph on the flats a couple of times]

None yet

I find it easier to look around and to clear to my left and right rear. I attribute this reduced vulnerability to road hazards and a non-balance issue as compared to riding 2-wheelers. I think a trikes are rolling vistas viewers.

nce I have fine tuned the trike, I do not think I will be as fast on it as I am on My VK2, but I never expected to be.