Naked weight

The CatSpecs say 33lbs for the 700. I’ve removed the mirror, the flag holder, neckrest rails and I get a weight w/o any of my accessories of 33.84 lbs. I am not complaining. I have a bit of trimming [chain tubes], then I’ll weigh her again.

omorrow, I’ll dress this lady.

Initial Observations and Adjustments

It is low–that good. It is FUN–also good. I’m connected to it already. The boom adjustment seems correct for my x-seam. I started with the steering handles mid-handlebar and moved them to the end–more responsive. I slanted them out–less leg contact. I need to remove 2 More chain lengths. Lowered the neckrest as low as possible–works for me. One of Dana’s tech says .5 inch between return chain and chain on the top derailleur idle wheel when on small-small. Over all, the trike is smaller than pictures seem to indicate.

Workstand validated

Amazing, without the trike, the stand I made December 26 accepts the trike with no adjustments. I will lower the front a bit, although I do not have to. I am please withe the results.

Silk is home

Silk, CT7225, a smooth Black Cat [Schwartz Katz in German–the S & K in her name], was delivered to her new home at 1:00 p.m. and joins a stable of 5 other cycles. The wait is finally over and my dream a reality.

The wait was not bad at all–thanks to Catrike and Bent Up Cycles–especially Dana, owner of Bent Up Cycles. I placed my order 01/17 and received it 02/06–20 days [and that is with shipment to the west coast & back]. Now, it is time to adorn her with the various accessories I’ve been working on as described in this blog–to make her truly smooth. But, before I do, once assembled, I’ll weigh her and do a few check rides.

I am happy to be a member of the trike group and look forward to riding with my fellow trikers. Thanks for your interest and your comments.

May we all have following winds. –jim

Silk’s Delivery

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Now out for delivery [finally]

As of 9:06 a.m.

She is in town…

Having arrived at 1:33 a.m.