Now for a new pump

I have my floor pump, a Topeak Morph Road, and the pump that came with my AirZound horn. Given that my floor pump is not portable [for carrying on the cycle], the Topeak is longer that I want for the trike, and the Airzound pump did not have the umph. I’ve decided to get another pump. Bryan Ball, BROL Editor, recommends [the article is no longer at BROL] the Quickex Quicker Pro. Order placed. I expect to receive it just before the trike. This should about do it.

The wheel covers are yet to arrive.

I will try a different front fender solution using Greenspeed 16″ rear fenders. Dana will ship them in a few weeks. I will try to implement Larry Varney’s [BROL Member] recommendation for a longer front fender. In the meantime, the Catrike front fenders are on their way.

Then, there is the Edge 705, which is not yet shipping.

Another Possible GPS Location

Below, I show my prototype for using MTB bar-end extenders on my trike. Today, I placed my Garmin Edge on it. If the angle and proximity are okay, this may be a keeper.

My 700 Ships Today

Dana, Bent Up Cycles, ships My Catrike 700 from his shop in Van Nuys, California to my home in Fayetteville, North Carolina today. The scheduled delivery day is Wednesday, February 6, 2008. Next week, I’ll be busy with setup and check rides.

Dana’s recommendation to Tim Walton, implemented by me…

Tim Walton [BROL Member] was having an issue with his mirror on his Catrike 700 and I have been trying to determine the best place to put my mirrors and my DiNotte Amber Daytime Lights. Dana, Bent Up Cycles, recommended to Tim that he use a MTB handlebar extension. Tim shared his dilemma and Dana’s recommendation.

Here is my implementation of Dana’s recommendation. As best I can tell, this solution will work for me. It places the amber light wide and high on the trike. The mirror are also wide & high. I expect to have very good rear visibility. In addition, it relieves the trike’s steering handles of mirror & lights, and it gives additional mounting space for other accessories.

Another shipment (1) received

Today, I received
[USPS Priority Mail]
my CatCage from
Terracycle. Ordered
01/25/08 [5 days
order to receipt]
from Terracycle
[formally sold by
Fastback Systems,
now owned by

Stealth Alarm

I noticed the alarm case was getting marred and I haven’t begun to ride yet. I decided to cover it with heat shrink tubing [matches cover its mounted on; additional water protection, etc.]. In shrinking the tubing, a small part of the blue cover deformed–off to Lowes. I bought a cover that should work. I installed it in a way that sound get out and it looks neat. Plus, better water protection. I like the finished result.

There’s no problem using the key pad. I probably have added an additional level of protection by covering the alarm and its keys.

The Cat has arrived [at Bent Up Cycles]

This is good! Dana is to ship to me in 1 to 2 days.