What about some sound?

Will the iHome iH85B On-The-Go Speaker work? This is the most compact speaker solution I’ve been able to find. I use the iPod Shuffle. I think I can adapt this to the trike,
and maybe other bikes. It is water
resistant and uses an RF remote.

If the On-The-Go speakers do not work, Dana, of Bent Up Cycles, has offered the iHome Speakers as a solution. These speakers are also water resistant. He says they are loud in his shop, and he sells them. Read his comments below.

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2 thoughts on “What about some sound?”

  1. Hi Dana,

    Thanks for visiting my 700 Blog. I intend to mount the speakers just behind or below the neckrest. I do not want a lot of volume. I may get an iHome speaker if the one pictured here does not work. I can always use it on one of my other bikes. I ordered it yesterday and received acknowledgement today. I’ll soon know. The volume on my RANS is low, but I can here it as I ride. Riders beside me cannot. THANKS!

    I may do the 1/3 sooner than I think. Perhaps you can tell I’m ready to set the 700 up and ride.

    Thanks for all your help.



  2. Jim,

    We just got the iHome system in stock, and are pretty pleased with it. I have tried other iPod systems before, and found they just weren’t loud enough to be heard over wind noise, traffic, etc. This system is definitely loud. While I haven’t tried it on the bike yet, we were blasting it and it could be heard throughout the shop. The only downside will be adapting it to the 700. Since the bottle cage on the 700 faces forward, I don’t know how well you will be able to hear it. However, it could probably be mounted facing upwards on one of the “seat stays” using a Minoura water bottle clamp.

    Take care,


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