Setup Update

The RANS Stratus XP as of 12/09/2006. This picture shows a more laid back fairing position. This is the basic position of the fairing for my return trip from Richmond, Virginia. Since return, I’ve made a few minor tweaks. I ride seeing over the faring. My knees just clear the devices on the handlebar. I still would like to straighten (raise) the handle bar just a bit. The panniers beneath the seat are about 1.5-2″ further forward & the tail-light assembly has been shortened by 2.5 inches. It now sits at the very end of the Angletech Aerotrunk. The B&M DIWA tail-light is mounted differently in the neck rest. As reported earlier, the XM Radio in now on the handlebar, versus the top tube. I also moved the seat a inch or two forward & placed the safety flag on the right side of the bike instead of to the left and within the seat back. I’ll see if this eliminates knee cap pain after riding over 50 miles. I think I have finished moving things around. My check ride confirmed the positioning is OK. Maybe tomorrow I can get in a ride of 30 miles or so.

A collage showing photographs from different angles.

Author: jalexartis

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