Let’s Stay As Warm As We Can!

OK! I have the fairing and it blocks some cold air, particularly when it was more upright. But, I am suppose to ride looking over the fairing, not through it. Well, that means the face catches more cold air. What to do? Check this BROL thread.

A full-face shield in addition to a fairing helps.

Skymax, a BROL Member, uses this setup.
Given my previously modified helmet for night riding and my reading of the thread above, I further modified my helmet to add a full-face shield. There is a bit of air the comes in from the chin area. This helps dissipate fogging, which is not too bad. That is, fogging did not obscure my vision. The thread above gives a solution to fogging. Over all I am pleased. As is always the case, I need a much longer ride to fully know that it does what I installed it to do and that I can ride safely.
Helmet pictures before the face shield is added.
The device on top of the helmet is a hand-cranked light to be used
for emergency lighting, i.e., changing a tire at night.

Full-face shield added

A few more shots–the background shot (above) is a view through the shield.

The images above are indoor shots. Note the reflective decals
(they are black, but reflects as white).
Image #6 [R2C3] is a view through the full-face shield.

Installation: The shield came wider that I expected. Pictures do not always reveal the dimension that you will be working with. I used my Dremel to remove just over an inch from the left and right side of the shield. There is a line where I cut the shield. You can clearly see the lines I used to cut in this link. Be careful with your Dremel speed to not melt the polycarbonate. If you get melt, it is more difficult to remove. As you see in my before pictures above, I already had a visor for shade and rain protection on the helmet. Well I do not need if for rain now, but I still wanted to retain the look I had and have shading from the sun. To my knowledge, I achieved that. I’ll have to ride in the rain and see how this works. I’ll report back.

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