Increased AirZound Capacity

My AirZound Horn has served me well. I have used it more to deter dogs than in traffic situations.

Occasionally, I’ll return a friendly toot. On a recent tour, it took several long blasts to turn back a dog. Needless to say, had I been pursued by other dogs, I would have been reliant on speed–I’m not carrying water bottles. This week, I finally got around to installing a 2-liter bottle to replace my original AirZound bottle. Since I use this bike for long-distance riding, the additional air capacity extends my air-fill frequency. I covered the clear bottle with cloth (part of the sleeve of an arm warmer) because I think it looks better. I moved the bottle from my left-rear pannier to the left beneath-the-seat pannier [which is adjacent to the horn]. I did this to make more room for my sports drink in the left-rear pannier.

Author: jalexartis

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10 thoughts on “Increased AirZound Capacity”

    1. Sure MJ. I took the bottle top off the small bottle [the one from AirZound] and put it on the 2-liter bottle. Noting special. The larger bottle give lot of capacity for dogs & traffic situations when one is riding a century in dog infested areas where you also have drivers who may not be expecting a bike. Did you read Mr. Giraldo’s message [also posted in the BROL thread] about his dog experience yesterday?


  1. Jim, how does the top come off? i never took the wrap off to check out the top. does it unscrew like a soda bottle? where my bottle is mounted i have ample room for a larger bottle but i wanted to get some information first before i try to take the top off the supplied bottle.

    yes, i did read about Mr. G’s experience. it makes a good case for personal firearm carry, IMO. he’s all alone on a lonely road and vulnerable to attack from many different threats. at least a 9mm won’t blow back in your face! how unfortunate for him….


    1. Yes the top just unscrews [like a soda bottle]. It does have an o-ring. You may need to use pliers for easier grip. A gun & permit across county could be a challenge. Yes, it is an unfortunate experience. You really catch anxiety hell the next time. I recall you concern with dogs in Taiwan. The best…



  2. What kind of pop bottle did you use?

    Does removing the hose off the original airzound bottle make it so it can not be put back on if necessary?

    Are pop bottles safe to inflate to 100psi?

    Have you ever had a pop bottle blow up?


    1. I used a 2-liter Coke Bottle. They are all the same for use as an expanded capacity Air-Zound bottle. I used my Air-Zound bottle top–no need to take the hose off. OTOH, taking the hose off did not keep me from putting it back on. It takes a bit of pushing–wetting it helps. I think I used 80# of pressure. I now use an electric horn, louder and there as long as I have battery. I have not had a pop bottle explode. –jim


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