Riding In The Rain

This is probably as good as it gets!

I think I just experienced a synergistic ride. The fairing in conjunction with my Showers Pass rain jacket, rain pants, shoe covers, and a special modification to my helmet allowed me to enjoy a cool [57 degree] very wet [in terms of rain intensity] test ride.

First of the Zzipper fairing. It seemed to work well. I do get rain on my lap and torso, but not nearly what I recall from other rides in rain of this intensity. The items just behind the fairing do not get wet. Rain drops bead up on the fairing. This makes me wish for a windshield wiper or Rain-X. I’ll have to ask Karl about using Rain-X on Lexan polycarbonate .

My Showers Pass Elite Jacket [my photos] continues to perform flawlessly. My rain pants from REI [while I still await those from Showers Pass] performed in the same manner. I’m also awaiting shipment of my rain jacket hood from Showers Pass. I’ve improvised by using a shower cap on my head, with a balaclava over it. I opted for this method to avoid covering the reflective strips on my helmet, as well as the LED light on the back of the helmet and the mount for my emergency hand cranked light. On removal of the shower cap, I found a bit of perspiration. I may need a wicking surface next to my hair.

My shoe covers are not waterproof. I did not sense my feet getting damp. On touching them, they are wet, but not as wet as they would have been without the fairing. At some point, I’ll purchase waterproof covers.

My vision was not nearly affected my the rain as I’ve experienced in the past. I placed my mountain bike helmet visor on this helmet with a insert beneath it. This shades the glasses from rain drops. The visor modification, plus the fairing seem to be my perfect solution to an annoying problem I’ve had in the past when riding in the rain.

Given this ride in the rain, I see no need to have Karl trim the fairing in anyway. Further, I have no other modifications or adjustment to make to make the bike more rain worthy. BTW, still no problem the slick Specialized Fatboy tires.

If I had a wish list, I’d place a wiper on the fairing. Overall, I am very pleased and now know the bike is ready for a cold, or cold & wet four-century rides. At this point, the extended weather forecast is favorable.


Author: jalexartis

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