Helmet, With Dynamo Light Mounted

Ok, the light is fantastic, easily cranked and provides 2 levels of brightness (1 LED or 3 LEDs]. Given this light, I was able to remove the small Radio Shack Task Light mentioned below. In that context, it is a better flashlight than the one it replaced. The next task was to determine how to mount it on my helmet so that I can use its beam for trouble at night without using my hands or some other support for the light. As you see in the pictures, I accomplished that by using other light mounting hardware. The helmet bracket is secured with silicon and a bolt. I have black reflective strips on order for the helmet for additional visibility. You can also see the LED light that I have mounted on this helmet. These lighting features should be useful should I be off the bike and working near traffic. The device on the left side of the helmet is a Cardo Scala Rider Bluetooth Headset for use with my Motorola i580 moblie phone.