A Slimmer, Leaner RANS Stratus XP

I had planned to post this on the 23rd, but delayed it to complete my front light arrangement and take pictures. That done, here is the post…

I‘ve removed the fenders, front fairing, & racks. I guess I like changing up the bike for different looks. The ride seem even faster. Here is a shot of the bike with these modifications. Over the last several days, I have ridden the bike in my neighborhood for short distances. I like the increased road visibility.

I moved the AirZound Horn and placed its air bottle within the seatback. I have dedicated my Li-Ion Flight battery to the rear light and also placed it within the seatback. My Garmin Edge 305 is now on the top tube. My Socket battery, that served me so well during my 1,062 mile tour is in the RANS back bag. My intent was to relocate as much as I can to the back of the bike. To be honest, I see a clear from fairing in the RANS’ future. Although the fenders are off for now, they will be on the bike for touring, as will the racks, tailbox, and panniers. I have a different look for now. Here are the pictures…

I wonder what’s next???

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

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