We’re Back!

As I pen this note, we are nearing Florence, South Carolina, 811 miles [1,305.2 kms] from Key West, Florida and now 95 miles [152.9 kms] from Fayetteville. We should arrive at my house between 10:30 & 11:00 p.m. NOT BAD!

As we started, we estimate around midnight. Early is GOOD. We will make one more stop.
The travel has been pleasant and uneventful. Mark has done all the driving. I cannot recall being in a car on a long trip and not driving at all. I napped a bit as we journeyed home.

I’ve been thinking and wondering about our C4 riders in today’s double century. Who participated other than Leo & Hal O’Berry and Mike Thomas? What were their experiences? What are their thoughts now having done a dbl century? I hope to read your comment someplace sometime soon.

Better yet, maybe I’ll see you at tomorrow’s club ride. You too David & Ashley.

Getting back at the time we are projected to will allow sufficient rest to ride without falling off the bike.

UPDATE: We arrived at my house at 10:45 p.m. Everything here is intact.
The GPS registers 921 miles [1,482.2 kms] (versus the 1,054 miles [1,996.2 kms] I biked. Next time, we will have to take I95.

Below I said: Wednesday afternoon on after checking into Holiday Inn at Key Largo, I rode several miles to complete the century, when I returned, I had my helmet and gloves. I placed the bike in the manager’s office, as I have been allowed to do. If the room is not on the ground floor, the bike does not make it to the room. Anyway, time to go and I cannot locate my helmet. I do not recall taking it to the room. I checked again, and it is not there. Hopefully on return to pick up my bags, I’ll have helmet and gloves. I do not ride without either of them. Yesterday I did. I fit right in. I did not see any other cyclist with helmet or gloves. This place is laid back.

On stopping at the Key Largo Holiday Inn on Saturday, as we returned, no one had turned in a bicycle helmet and/or gloves. I can only conclude someone other than the owner (me) wanted them. Cycling gear seldom gets stolen. If that is the case, then this is a first for me. I’ve lost a lot on this trip; but, it is all replacable. I am thankful and blessed to be safely home.


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2 thoughts on “We’re Back!”

  1. We are glad you are home safely and glad you met your challenge. We are proud of you. Happy Father’s Day. Love, Mike, Pam, Lia, Brandon and Lokie


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