Customizing Modified

1) AirZound:

Finding the best [aesthetically] mounting point for the AirZound was a bit of a challenge. Ultimately, I decided to mount it beneath the tiller. Given that location, the camera cable release will not be used on this bike. I had fashioned a device that worked, but again trying to get the best look, decided to go with my ultimate location.

I like the air bottle within my Fastback Designs Norback Frame Pack. Given its location and the horn location, I purchased the Delta AirZound Tube Extension Kit which allows me to route the tubing along a path of my choosing.

2) GPS mounting point:

Originally, I had planned to place my GPS at the top of the down tube [in the open area above the labels–behind it would have been the NiteRider Evolution Smart switch]. I decided to place the GPS beneath the horn. This put it closer and thereby more easily read. My sit test say this works. I’ll soon test it by riding.

OK! Two minor adjustment doesn’t seem too bad. Particularly, not having had the bike from Jan-Mar.

Well, add one more adjustment.

3) In my VK2 Setup below, I said “Note, the mounting location I selected for the headlight.” I had this really cool location [at least it looked cool] between to front tire and the bottom of the boom that worked very well [did I say looked cool], until my chain was in place. It was then that Kenny Green said “your light makes contact with the chain.”


Recognizing I won’t be turning the tiller that much [leaning is the steering technique]. Dana agrees. I also noted the tire makes contact with the chain, relative to the degree of the turn. I moved the light to the derailleur post. It looks pretty cool there too. Given NiteRider Smart Evolution’s cable length, I’ll have some wire exposed that with earlier planning, I would have hidden within the frame.

Adjustments = 3

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