Safety Flag

Given question #2 on my wish list in my VK2 setup post, I’ve decided to add an easily removed flag [actually wind sock, which is a spinner or spinsock]. I choose the patriot color scheme. I will use sectional carbon fiber poles, that I covered with white heat-shrink tubing, to display the spinsock and provided for attachment of the American Flag. I placed a CatEye White LED Safety Light at the top of the pole to give additional [early] warning. I’ve read different views regarding the use of flags on a low-racer, particularly the VK2. In my case, I want the option–and then there are displays, parades, etc.

I choose the rear axle as the mounting point and fashioned a metal bracket to receive the bottom pole section. For those time when the spinsock is not used [likely the majority of the times I ride], I made a cover for the bolt.

The left-most item is a 36-inch spinsock on a 10″ section, with the CatEye LED at the top; then 2 12-inch spinsocks on a 14″ section; an alternate 25.5″ section that allows an 2×3′ flag or pennant; then the 40″ base on which sections of choice can be mounted; and, the right-most item is the bolt-cover, used when riding with no flag.
Two-Socks Display (left)
Three-Sock Display (center & right)

Author: jalexartis

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