History ~ Point News [Hay & Old Street, Fayetteville, North Carolina], 12/04

Point News

Try as I might, I could not remember the name of the business at this location in the ’50s & ’60s. I ask a friend at the guy [Rev. Bernard Hayes]. He remembered–Point News. Research and “voila” and I find history and the photograph above. Below are pictures I took recently at the intersection of Hay and Old Streets–across from the United Methodist Church. The building at the point dates back to 1853 and housed the Fayetteville Mutual Insurance Company.

Fellowship ~ NC A&T SU ROTC Reunion, The evening…[Distinguished Gentlemen & Veterans], 10/25

Distinguished Gentlemen--Photo by Judi RussellOur classmate Victor Russell [back row, 3rd from left] sent me this photograph [taken by his wife, Judi]. He granted me permission to publish this picture here. Veterans, thank you for your service!

Olivia took the 4 photographs in the gallery above–published here.