Ride for the Republic History Chest

Mr. Giraldo has given us a treasure trove of notes [22 pages] for many places we will visit.

atlheader For example, as the tour begins, we have this information:

History Notes

His notes reference maps [which you see in the detailed itinerary] of location and events along the route we shall ride. As you peruse the route, read the note to have a more enriched experience of The Ride for the Republic. Learn and enjoy…

Thanks Rafael.


Ride for the Republic News ~ New Start Date

Poster commemorating the 140th Flag Day on 14 June 1917 Yesterday, Mr. Giraldo [Rafael] met with Mr. Antonio Fins and 5 other executives of the Sun Sentinel. They have promised ample media coverage throughout the tour. Every Sunday for 8 weeks, updates on the 2010 tour will appear on the Sun Sentinel’s Outlook section. These will contain photography, articles, and the history of the sites being visited.

The Sun Sentinel will also promote the tour via the Internet through their website. They will be using photography from last year and will be creating a flash presentation detailing what is to be expected during the Ride for the Republic.

Further to this, we will have live TV coverage. Also, for 8 weeks, and taking place every Monday at 6:40 a.m., we will go live via Skype on WSFL. The first newspaper article will be as substantial as what they published last year. This first article will come out on Sunday, June the 13th.

They asked me to move the start date from Saturday 12th to Monday the 14th. The idea is to shoot the first live TV session as the sun rises over Cadillac Mountain. Right after the shoot, we would begin the tour.

I have paraphrased the information above that I received from Rafael last night. How fitting that the Ride for the Republic, 2010 begins on Flag Day, June 14th.