Dining ~ New Years–Southern Traditional + Lasagna & Mimosa, 01/01

20150101_223727354_iOSRead about this southern tradition for New Years here. I added lasagna and mimosa as a drink. On the plate you see black-eyed peas, lasagna, mustard greens, and a piece of hog jowl. My grandmother, born 1880, knew about this traditional meal, sans the lasagna and the mimosa. Anyway, it was good… [more of my dishes]

Fayetteville ~ Vick’s Drive-In is Closing after 57 Years…

By Catherine Pritchard Fayetteville Observer Staff writer

Customers crowded into Vick’s Drive-In on West Rowan Street on Tuesday, eager for a last pork chop sandwich, foot-long hot dog, order of gizzards, taste of chitterlings or other item before the 57-year-old soul food restaurant closes its doors for good tonight.

A chapter of Fayetteville history comes to a close tonight. I remember the restaurant opening. I was 11 years old. Like many, I have eaten their food–smothered chicken breast was a favorite. Their closing is a part of the rerouting of Rowan Street and the replacement of the Rowan Street Bridge.

The article by Catherine Pritchard of the Fayetteville Observer is a good read…

If we are lucky we’ll see Vick’s Drive-In again at another location [in the community]. Will it be the same???

First Amendment Right ~ The Cameo Art House Theatre, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 12/24

I am proud to see one of my hometown theaters will show The Interview after other theaters decided to not show this Sony Pictures Entertainment movie. Below is a pic of the Cameo Art House Theatre I took 12/20.